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About Me

LongFall Design started out as a simple portfolio website that allowed me to showcase illustrations and custom art pieces. From there it was a quick step in graphic design, and then into web design.

Now I run LongFall Design as a design consultancy catering to a wide range of diverse media needs. I am an experienced designer in graphics, illustration, custom bespoke art pieces and 3D modelling. I am practiced in web design including theme based websites and customs built HTML projects.

I am also an experienced trainer and instructor, and develop multi-platform eLearning templates and adult education programmes.

Feel free to have a look at my portfolio or if would like to speak about an upcoming project you have please contact me by email, Facebook or Linkedin.

My Portfolio

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My Services

Graphic Design

LongFall offers multiple design options including logo design, character design, business cards and poster design

Bespoke Illustration

Bespoke illustration covers photo recreations, fantasy illustration, caricature and cartoon creations

Web Development

I am experienced in HTML 5, CSS 3 and javascript self builds as well as WordPress, Wix, Weeble and Squarespace platforms

Multi-platform training templates for eLearning systems

As an experienced instructor I am practiced in multiple platforms for online learning. This includes pretzi, articulate suite and moodle eLearning platforms

Design and Development of training programmes

I have extensive experience in adult training and education and have development training programmes for ICT based subjects as well as numerous soft skill subjects


Infographics offer a blend of my training skills and graphic skills. Clear, clean information presented in a coherent, eye catching design

Contact Me

Mon - Fri 09:00 – 18:00